Step Up Basis – A Beautiful Thing Indeed

  Step up basis For property transfers at death. By Jennifer N. Sawday, Partner at TLD LAW Trust and Estates attorney located in Southern California jsawday@tldlaw .com Step in basis is when people pass away, they leave things. Property, businesses, stocks and other assets. The values of those assets need to be appraised again at…

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Appraiser Couple at Concession Stand of Homes

Are Homebuyers Paying Concession Stand Prices?

Market Value vs Market Price The Market is definitely crazy right now, with low inventory, pent up demand due to COVID, historically low interest rates, and multiple offers. we are seeing prices climb in many areas, especially in the entry and mid level markets. Will the prices being paid now hold up in the future?…

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Appraiser with Logo

Welcome To The So Cal Appraisal Vlog!

An Introduction To The Home Appraisal Process Hi, and welcome to the SoCal Appraisal Vlog. I created this vlog to help homeowners, first time homebuyers, real estate agents, and attorneys make informed real estate decisions. The appraisal is perhaps the least known part of the real estate business with many misconceptions about who we are,…

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