Position: Real Estate Appraiser

Looking for at least 2 years experience as an appraiser in the field, familiar with using Regression analysis, Depreciated Cost, paired sales and sensitivity analysis in reports.

We have excellent office support that helps with all administrative tasks, file preparation and all communication with clients

We encourage the use of the latest technology in the field to reduce the time spent working on the report.

We provide:

  • A Data Connected Tablet for use in the field.
  • MLS access
  • Appraisal Software
  • E&O Insurance
  • Access to Spark
  • Office Support

Fee Split is based on license level and Experience. Pay period is twice monthly for assignments completed, no waiting for payment from the clients!

Familiarity with Total, Total for Mobile and ANOW is preferred, but not required.

Work remotely and be able to set your own schedule and workload.
Our work is primarily in LA County, but we do go to adjacent counties.

If you are looking for a company that embraces technology as a tool and will allow you to focus on being an appraiser, GA Appraisals Inc is the place for you!

So whether you are a staff appraiser who has been let go, or tired of chasing clients for work or money, give us a call and see if we are what you are looking for!

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We are looking for Trainee appraisers who will be a good fit for our team

Candidates must have:

  • Trainee License or about to receive the Trainee license
  • Drivers license and reliable vehicle

Position is Remote/Work from home

  • Phase 1 – Wage is $15 per hour to start for the first 2-3 months during which you will learn about the various appraisal forms and how to fill them out, how to do basic research for the appraisal process and how to inspect/measure a property
  • Phase 2 – Once sufficiently competent in inspecting and measuring a property and having a Trainee license, you will transition to doing primarily the inspection portion of the appraisal workflow and will be commission based
  • Phase 3 – Trainee will learn report writing and adjustment process continuing on a Commission fee structure.

If you are interested in becoming a Trainee Appraiser, but have not yet started or finished any classes, please check out our page on How to Become a Real Estate Appraiser 

If you are ready to start you career as a Real Estate Appraiser and have your Trainee License or are very close

Please fill out your information and upload your resume

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