Meet Glen Kangas

Glen Kangas

Glen Kangas gives homeowners a tool to make important financial decisions: accurate data and analysis.

A home is one of the largest financial commitments a family makes and as an appraiser Glen knows that data guides homeowners in making informed decisions.

His work is more than measuring and crunching numbers to come up with an estimated property value. Glen’s educational background in engineering and political science from UCLA equipped him with technical expertise and an awareness of the immediate surroundings to give context to his appraisals.

Glen was born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley so he knows the area intimately. It’s also the headquarters for his business operations so he’s aware of the economic and social issues that impact neighborhood home values.

In the digital age of real estate sites like Zillow, accurate information is more needed than ever. The online sites list an estimated value for a home, but they’re not at ground level like Glen.

He says a home’s value is a local issue.

“In Monrovia, properties are usually 12% to 15% higher north of Foothill Boulevard than they are south of Foothill. In Sherman Oaks and Encino, it’s different because homes south of Ventura Boulevard have the higher values.”

Appraisers who don’t know a specific area have to do their own research and may end up with results that aren’t as accurate as those of Glen who backs up his findings with firsthand local knowledge and 27 years of experience.

For homeowners to truly know the value of their property, Glen says they need a “disinterested third party. As an appraiser, I’m really a referee who is independent of either party in a real estate transaction.”

He truly enjoys his work. Appraising a property is about statistical analysis, regression, and effectively using comparisons. The appraisal, he points out, shows the true market value for the house.

Packaging the information so it’s of the greatest possible use to all parties is satisfying and rewarding.

Glen appraises all styles of residential properties and he has the distinction of being among the few appraisers who are trusted and qualified to appraise high end luxury homes.

During his career, he’s offered appraisals for a variety of needs and provides a full-service business that many other appraisers can’t claim.

Glen also stays up with current trends regarding home improvement like solar roofs. He can consult with homeowners and give them the information they need to make a financially wise decision.

“For an item like a solar roof, you have to spend a lot up front and then wait 7 to 10 years to recoup your investment. Additionally, you do not get full current value out of the investment, so it’s really important to analyze the financial numbers before investing.”

Glen is a member of, a nationwide network of professional appraisers dedicated to protecting consumers from AVM’s, Appraisal Waivers and mortgage fraud by providing credible, supported, independent appraisals.

Some of the rewards of Glen’s occupation includes driving around neighborhoods and discovering the history behind an area as well as learning about historically significant homes and architects. Another reward is that he gets to nourish his hobby of being a foodie.

“I find great places to eat when I’m driving around and enjoy food that’s created by someone who is as passionate about their craft as I am with mine.”

When he’s not writing appraisals, he’s sharing his foodie findings in his vlog, The Appraiser’s Appetite.

For Glen, conducting appraisals isn’t just a livelihood, it’s how he enriches the lives of others.

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