Are You Interested in Becoming a Real Estate Appraiser?

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The Opportunity

Are you interested in Real Estate, but do not want to be a salesperson?

Do you like to tell it like it is without bias one way or another?

You may want to consider being a real estate appraiser.

What does a Real Estate Appraiser Do?

We act as an Unbiased, Independent 3rd party providing Valuations of Homes, Apartments, Office Buildings, Commercial Building, and Land for Banks, Attorneys, CPA’s, Investors and more.

A Residential Real Estate Appraiser focuses on Single Family Homes, Condos and 1-4 unit Income properties

A Commercial Appraiser can do those as well as 5+ unit apartments, and all Commercial and Agricultural property as well.

There is no one skill set required to be an effective appraiser, but in general, you will need to be able to write effectively, be good at math,  like statistics, geometry and math style analysis as well as be good at critical thinking/analysis.

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Residential Appraisers:


Can earn at least $50K a year within 2 years and $80K to $100K within 5 years


Have flexible work hours and can work from home

New Day

Are in a different neighborhood every day and see many different homes and Architectural styles


Can complete the education required to become a trainee in 6-12 months in-class or online and a 4 year college degree is not required

Where do I start?

Additional resources available to help you along your path are:

Facebook Groups

National Facebook Group

California Facebook Group

There is also a Clubhouse group called “Appraiser Trainee Talk” that meets once a week to discuss the Trainee path.

If you have any questions about the career or the path, reach out to us, we love to help!

Email Me Here

If you decide being an appraiser is for you:

Start with the Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers, the State Agency that licenses appraisers.



Next, in order to obtain your appraisal trainee license you need to finish 150 hours of education. The first 75 hours are as follows:
Appraisal Principles

  • Appraisal Procedures
  • Ethics and Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice

The second 75 hours are taken separately and depend upon what area of appraisal in which you are specializing.

There are two main institutions that offer these classes as a package,  and mainly offer them online:

While both institutions have top-notch programs, I recommend taking the courses from McKissock as they are slightly less expensive and usually can be completed in less time than those at The Appraisal Institute.

Finishing the 150 hours will allow you to obtain your trainee license and earn hours toward becoming a certified appraiser.